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Published: 13th April 2011
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Recently, apart from these came the news: new version of "fermentation Wine Health standards, "face changes, which Beer In Formaldehyde Will be explicitly listed as not allowed to add ingredients. In this regard, the media interpreted as: the new national standard will be formally formaldehyde in beer clamp. However, not to mention the natural environment such as Drinking water , All contain traces of formaldehyde in the air, that is, the process of beer fermentation will produce a small amount of formaldehyde, even at high temperatures boiled wort is also no guarantee that not a little residual formaldehyde, then beer, how to say no formaldehyde in it? Since the three components from

Nie Yuan Formaldehyde, "English name" HCHO, is a colorless soluble irritant gas, can be absorbed through the respiratory tract and its solution "formalin" can be absorbed by the digestive tract. Studies show that formaldehyde on human health has serious negative effects range from nausea and vomiting, weight is teratogenic, carcinogenic or even directly to death. That such fears formaldehyde chemicals is how to drink beer belly foods such a relationship for?

First, eighties and nineties of last century, formaldehyde as a chemical reagent has been used in beer brewing process. Beer brewing process will produce the protein, polyphenols and other suspended solids affect the appearance and shorten shelf life. As a result, manufacturers in the saccharification with malt powder pan by adding formaldehyde polyphenols in direct response to filter out sediment can be suspended to remove polyphenols. And then heated wort, because the boiling point of formaldehyde is only 90 , so can easily remove most of the formaldehyde, even if there are trace residues will not exceed the national standard of 2 ppm (mg per liter).

Second, some small businesses will use formaldehyde as a disinfectant, cleaning pipes, beer cans and other production facilities, which may result in some residual.

Third, the malting barley in the fermentation process will produce a small amount of formaldehyde, but the fermented wort heated at high temperatures usually only trace formaldehyde residue, will not harm the human body.

2005, which claimed 15 types of Chinese exports in Korea's sluggish sales of beer, "Formaldehyde Beer storm" once lot of heated discussions, the last to enact the new "standard for fermented wine" to calm the measures added in the new standard for formaldehyde content limit standard, that is 2 ppm, but did not specifically listed as not allowed to add the formaldehyde component.

Two "split" numbered So now the production process of beer is to formaldehyde had been completely "out" out? Shanghai Brewing Association Secretary-General Wu Jianhua said that the formal business sectors, whether in brewing, or in the health sectors, has long ceased to use formaldehyde. Such as Asia Pacific Breweries in 1994 had stopped using formaldehyde.

"Formaldehyde once popular reason, reason is its low cost, simple process. Such as the now popular enzyme additives, would cost several times higher. This is the formaldehyde by irregular small businesses favored causes. "Wu Jianhua told the author that" as early as 2005, 'Formaldehyde Beer storm' before, most companies have stopped using formaldehyde in the production. fungicide such as peracetic acid instead of using formaldehyde, after oxidation into Vinegar Acid, harmless to human body. "In the additive context, it is understood that a large beer companies use more of is a cross-linked polyvinylpyrrolidone (ppvp), one-time cost of 180 yuan / kg or so, renewable need to 800 yuan / kg No residue, safe and good. Barley

The formaldehyde produced during fermentation, although can not be avoided, but its residues are usually much lower than the national standard 2ppm, will not cause harm to human body. "In fact, widespread in nature formaldehyde, consumers need not scared. Such as formaldehyde Mushroom contains the number, you put some time go mushroom smell, the taste of formaldehyde on the very strong, and their contents to achieve 5-6 ppm. "frankly, an industry expert. Add prohibition against the existence

Then the "new national standard clamp down on formaldehyde" is not of trace formaldehyde residues in common with beer runs counter to the fact that it?

Winemaker Ge Haijing Technology in more than 20 years of beer, once in the Heineken brand overseas training, the process is now Head of Asia Pacific Breweries. "I do have one in October 2009 will be implemented in beer new national standard, which do not have the so-called block formaldehyde view. Beer in the formaldehyde content generally refer to GB2758-2005 standard for practice, so therefore provides a safe limit. "Ge Haijing that" so-called new national standard completely blocking the view of formaldehyde Technically, it is impossible. "

That "ban that" is come from? Wu Jianhua wine association that should be on June 1st Nisshin's " Food Safety Law " Additive Misreading of the relevant provisions. "" Food Safety Law "provisions of the 104 kinds of additives do not include formaldehyde, indicating the use of formaldehyde can not be used as an additive. However, this does not mean" Food Safety Law "to prohibit the presence of beer in a small amount of residual formaldehyde." Wu Jianhua said.

Interview notes Safety is always the first row

So-called "beer ban formaldehyde," the original is just misreading of individual media, but it became the focus of Xiang Yi, this just shows, "security" for businesses, consumers are no doubt ranked number one . "Food Sanitation Law" upgrade to "Food Safety Law" is the meaning of this.

Highly competitive beer industry, break-even point has already raised to 20 million liters capacity. For small-scale production enterprises, the use of formaldehyde as reaction agent is undoubtedly the most "cost effective" choice. As everyone knows, this seems a wise choice to consumers of the risks is endless. As a foreign beer brand leader said: "The production of place to eat, how can you put a can of toxic substances in it?" People will always make mistakes and can be added if the error will be formaldehyde in beer, it is not a "beer formaldehyde storm" so simple.

The formaldehyde is removed from the additives, for informal enterprises is undoubtedly positive atmosphere, and expanding market opportunity. For individual small businesses, local protectionism, even in the "umbrella", the fear can not go down to formaldehyde in the saccharification pot down.


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